Brenk Sinatra

The Vienna based producer Brenk Sinatra became one of Europe‘s most well-known beat makers within the last few years. After lacing European artists like Kamp, Skero, Nico Suave, MAdoppelT, Ghemon and many more with tailor-made beats, Brenk Sinatra produced for various US-rappers like KingTee, Marvwon and Guilty Simpson.
In summer 2010, Brenk Sinatra and his producer partner Fid Mella released their „CHOP SHOP“ instrumental album. Being a part of the popular „Hi-Hat Club“ series by the Cologne based music label MPM, „CHOP SHOP“ was sold out shortly after its release.

Brenk Sinatra‘s productions generate a lot of media interest as well as some airplay by international radio stations such as the Gilles Petersons World Wide Show on BBC1 or Eminem‘s radio station Shade45.
The Viennese beat heavyweight just finished his work on the upcoming album „Which Way Iz West“ by West Coast legend MC Eiht which will be released on Dj Premier‘s label Year Round Records late 2012. (As a member of the legendary crew „Compton‘s Most Wanted“, MC Eiht became a West Coast Gangsta Rap legend. His appearance in the movie „Menace to Society“ together with numerous rap giants such as Snoop Dogg made him internationally famous.) For „Which Way Iz West“, DJ Premier is not only operating as the executive producer, he also contributed a number of beat productions for Eiht‘s musical comeback.
Besides Gangsta Rap from the West Coast and grimey Hip-Hop from Detroit, Brenk Sinatra‘s heart beats for Soul Music of the 60s and 70s. This musical passion can be easily recognized by numerous samples used by the producer, but also becomes manifest in the upcoming project with Kansas City soul singer Miles Bonny. Together they founded the Band S3 (Supa Soul Shit), their self titled album will be out in October 2012

After the release of Brenk Sinatra‘s instrumental debut „Gumbo“, the follow-up album „GumboII“ which was pushed by DJ Premier and DJ House Shoes, made big waves among the beat-gourmets in Europe and the USA.

Brenk’s “GumboII” was the first ever instrumental Hip Hop album nominated for the Amadeus Music Awards in 2012 (Austria’s most influential music award).